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"go to the dogs" = "落ちぶれる"?

Hello there!Today, please allow me to provide an additional explanation about why "go to the dogs" means "落ちぶれる" as I saw a scene in a TV program, in which some dogs had been eating their feed in a pan given by their owner. Then, aha~, I figured out why the expression can be used in this meaning. Hopeflly, I don't want to be one of them. You can confirm it on a following webpage.📷

Speaking of dog food, I've ever had a funny experience while I was studying English in the States. One day, our dorm master called us (the boarding students) all out of our rooms and lined up us in two rows, and then spluttered out his words with his mad, red face "Who is keeping a dog?? I know one of you is keeping it in this dorm as I found a pile of empty cans of fresh meat for dog at the dumpsite." After a silence a student stepped forward and said "That could be me because I ate them after frying in a pan." Do you think you can say it as he went to the dogs.📷

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